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Passings contains a warehouse of resources we have been blessed to receive.  We have spent 20 years collecting teachers, texts, and practices to support our own Passings; and we continue to find new treasures every day.


At Passings, we believe that wisdom comes from a multitude of sources.  We locate tools and teachings for life’s transitions in the words of ancient sages and contemporary music stars, erudite scholars in academia as well as strangers we meet on the street.  In particular, we gather insight from spiritual practices, religious rituals, and the natural world.


We also know that everyone has different ways of receiving wisdom, so you will find items here in diverse media:  writings, videos, music, and visual artwork. You will find links to partners working in bereavement, end of life care, and other fields related to transitions.


We are always adding to our warehouse.  If you have a resource to be considered for inclusion here, please email us at

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