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Guided Visualization: Finding Our Way Home

Guided VisualizationAmy Agape
00:00 / 12:36

In this guided visualization, Amy leads us to find and develop an internatlized experience of home, one we can take with us wherever we roam.  It is loosely based on the work of our friends at HeartMath We invite you to listen whenever you feel a longing for home. 

Breadth and Depth of Spiritual Practice: Interview with Cheryl Conklin, MSEd

Part 1

Amy and Cheryl Part1Amy Agape
00:00 / 23:21
Amy and Cheryl Part2Amy Agape
00:00 / 23:27

Part 2

Mediation for Caregivers

Meditation for CaregiversAmy Agape
00:00 / 16:02

Balance, fluidity, presence: Interview with Amy's caregiver husband

Part 1

Amy-Raven Interview Part1Amy Agape
00:00 / 25:55
Amy-Raven Interview Part 2Amy Agape
00:00 / 26:05

Part 2

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