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The educational component of Passings is rooted in Amy’s deep love for all things related to school.  She loves being a student and a teacher, and she believes that we each hold both of those roles throughout our lives.  


Our perception is that we learn best when information is interwoven with experience; therefore, we consistently create opportunities not just for people to share wisdom but to integrate that wisdom into their own lives.


We offer individual classes, four-week seminars, and longer trainings.  We provide articles, videos, podcasts -- all available online. Many of you are unable to leave your homes to attend classes or to screen videos.  You may be caring for a loved one or you may be bedbound. Others of you find comfort in the anonymity of online learning. Either way, Passings is here to provide you with innovative education in the realm of each of life’s transitions.


We also look forward to receiving education from each of you.  Everyone has wisdom to share, and our lives are enhanced by learning from one another.  For more information about any of our educational offerings, please contact:

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