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Allowing Ourselves to Receive


Many humans have difficulty allowing ourselves to receive care from others.  This is particularly true for caregivers, who may need to receive care more than anyone else!

We have so many ideas about needing to be independent and to not burden anyone.  And each of these forms a barrier to us allowing ourselves to be nurtured by one another.  

Fortunately, our animal friends have no such ideas, so we can use them as teachers as we begin to learn how to be on the receiving end of love as it is expressed in its most basic form of caring for the body.

As you watch the video below, imagine yourself to be each of the baby animals:

Questions for Journaling, Walking, and Chatting:

  1. What might it feel like to allow myself to be fully held by another human?

  2. How do I respond when someone tries to show me love by caring for my body?

  3. How might my receiving care from someone be a gift for both of us?

  4. What boundaries have I created to being nurtured by another human?

  5. What is one small step I can take to begin to open to receiving care?

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