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A life-long love of mine is watching birds.  When I lived in Texas, I discovered that a group of tiny birds like to perch in the bushes outside my home whenever I opened my windows and played Bach on the piano (some other composers drew them as well, but none as consistently as Bach).  So I played the same few pieces every single day for months; it was almost like a concert exchange, my piano tunes for their morning birdsong.


A few years ago, my family and I moved to a new home that was just two miles from where we had been living -- and 200 feet lower in altitude.  That small difference meant that I had entirely new kinds of birds to meet in our new home.  This month, we will move farther away, and our new home will be over 2,000 feet lower in altitude than this one.  I am excited to meet the birds who live there!


During this time of quarantine, I have been spending hours of time watching birds fly and play, listening to them sing, and studying them as they build their nests.  And the gifts this watching brings are myriad.


If you are not fortunate to have a nest construction project happening near you right now, I invite you to watch this video and allow it to stimulate thoughts and feelings about making and keeping a home:

Questions to Ponder While Journaling, Walking, and Chatting:

  1. What messages do birds building nests bring me about creating my home?

  2. How might the place where I live be made to feel more like home to me?  To others?

  3. Are there “nests” outside my home that hold and nurture me?

  4. Whom do I welcome into my home?

  5. What resources have been used to build my home?  What resources are used in maintaining my home?

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